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I am such an idiot!

2016-07-16 08:15:13 by DwightFalcon

I am such an idiot!

Have been using fl studio for the past 3 years and never did i realise there is a bridge mode in fruity wrapper which reduce allocated fl studio ram usage.



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2016-07-16 08:53:33

Atleast at something you're right


2016-07-16 14:04:00

Bridge mode is running FL Studio in 64 bit, which utilize full resource usage.

Actually, when you run FL 64 bit, bridge enables by default.


2016-07-16 17:17:06

I forgot to add this thing, but if you're still using old version of FL 11, bridged mode won't shut down when you close FL, and you may have to manually kill the process. (ilbridge.exe). This is fixed in latest update of FL 11 64 bit.

DwightFalcon responds:

I am currently using FL 12.2 but for some reason bridged mode is not loaded for default. I just emailed the tech support of IL, hoping there will be a solution to this tedious process. Or maybe I should just wait for the release of 12.3 update.
Anyway, thanks for the information. :)