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Enrapturement - New song

2013-11-05 08:22:00 by DwightFalcon

Hello all, I have composed a new song after watching a romantic Korean drama - Good Doctor.
The link is as follow:

Song Name : Enrapturement
Composer : DwightFalcon
Genre : Romantic, Chill, Uplifting, Modern Composition, Contemporary and Classical

youtube link : available soon

soundcloud link : https://soundcloud.com/dwightfalconmusic/enrapturement

newgrounds link : http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/555481

Bandcamp link : http://dwightfalcon.bandcamp.com/track/enrapturement

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Don't be hesitate to comment for any positive and constructive suggestions. We really grateful if you can be honest with us whether our music is working out or not.
Please purchase the music if you like it, I am stashing cash as my university fund.
Please support by purchasing it at my bandcamp domain.


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Official DwightFalcon Bandcamp Domain : http://dwightfalcon.bandcamp.com/

Music is forever.


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2013-11-05 10:42:12

Music is eternal indeed. Nice track!

DwightFalcon responds:

Thanks for the compliment.